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Unitfly can work to digitise and integrate your business into one centralised and automated system that enables you to achieve full business potential.

Unitfly Extension Kit for M-Files

Unlock the full potential of M-Files without custom coding

What is Unitfly Extension Kit for M-Files?

Extension Kit is a set of tools that unlock the full potential of M-Files without custom coding. From document processing and integrations with other systems, Extension Kit offers a better M-Files experience for the end-user and helps M-Files partners implement faster and easier.

Extension Kit is a set of tools most customers, no matter the industry or size, need, all configurable without custom coding. With 17 modules currently available, M-Files partners can offer an advanced information management experience and bring added value to customers. 


Extended Property Operations

Easily manipulate values and properties when a trigger happen.

Copy property from one object to another based on triggers
You can copy property from one property to another if object has changed, created or entered the specific state.

Set specific value based on triggers
You can set properties on one object dynamically or statically based on event on another object

Change all properties based on rule only once
You can run specific changes of all history values only once based on specific rule.


Extended Property Calculations

Calculate object properties based on referenced properties and their values like parent-child relationship.

Concatenate property based on referenced object properties
Use property values from referenced objects and concatenate with property on root object.

Calculate property value based on parent-child relationship
Calculate value of parent property based on values of their children / referenced object and their properties


Extended Email Notifications

Send custom notifications based on business rules inside M-Files

Send notification when property has changed
When property has changed, you can notify responsible person about change.

Send notification when someone has commented object
Usually comments get unnoticed, but you can send a notification about the comment to all the people who have worked on that document.

Send notification when custom rule is matched
Write any custom rule and get notified once this rule is satisfied in the M-Files.


Extended Assignments

Create task completion objects that could be added to other, referenced objects in order to keep status of who and when marked an assignment as completed.

Adjustable to your structure
You don’t have to change your structure neither you have to change the logic of your structure. Simple create required elements and configure those through application configurator.

Select what you want to log
Select what information will be stored after each assignment completion.

Apply to all or selected assignments
You can choose if you want to create completion object for every assignment or define your custom rules.


Extended Document Processing

Convert documents to PDF and restore documents from PDF, add/remove watermarks and signatures to your PDF files and manage document versions.

Add watermark in a specific state
You can easily add watermark when document enters specific state.

Add signature on document
Create a signature when document is approved by an employee

Create new version and “freeze” the old version as PDF
Create a new version of a document and have frozen previous version in PDF with all signers.



Extended Auto Properties

Extract specific parts of the date, format date as you wish, compare two numbers/dates, or write custom conditions. Set values based on the result of property comparison.

Use simple concatenation with extended value
Macro properties are a part of simple concatenation. Customer can just add command and manipulate with all properties.

Work with dates
Simply extract Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute or Second from your dates or get current date in your property definition.

Format multi-select lookups
You can store multi-select lookups in one text field but separated with new lines instead of ;



Extended Validation

Achieve advanced validation of properties while creating or updating your M-Files objects. Validate property from the original object together with some properties on the referenced objects.

Validate if the property exists on the referenced property, no matter how deep you need to go
Property that you are validating doesn’t have to be on the same object, or on the first level of relationship, it can be as deep as you need.



Extended Builder

Get property value(s) from database. Set calculated value from SQL query or stored procedure call result.

Create query for property value
Create select query, define database and get value for any property.

Call store procedure for property value
Call store procedure, define database to extract needed value.

Use parameter from object in query string
Use parameter from current object where property is triggered and use it in selected query.



Extended Object Templates

Clone all the referenced objects on creation of any object type that is marked as template.

Clone all referenced objects when creating object types marked as templates



Extended Object Creation

Automatically create new objects in M-Files when your defined trigger happens. Define what will be created, what the properties are and under which conditions are object(s) created.

Create new object based on event and specify properties and reference objects
Based on an event, e.g. proposal is approved, you can create invoice and add referenced proposal as a reference document to that object.

Create documents from template when object enters a specific state, or when an object is created or changed
Most common scenario is that in a specific state you need to create documents from templates.



Extended Auto Numbering Properties

Simple and advanced object and documents auto numbering

Group by objects (e.g. Employee, Country, Division, Project)

Custom numbering (e.g. A001, 1.0.9, etc.)


Extended Versioning

Provides support for simple and advanced version numbering, as well as for manipulations of object and document's major and minor versions.

Save older versions in separate document collections

Create new editable version of a document

Simple and advanced version numbering


Extension Methods

Use power, features and UI of Extension Kit to execute custom code of issues that are not solved by Extension Kit.

Execute custom code based on events and triggers

All Extension Kit features, like logging, events, triggers, dashboard...


Vault to Vault

Transfer data between two document vaults based on predefined triggers.

Synchronize data between two M-Files document vaults
Vault to Vault module allows the transfer and creation of data between two document vaults based on predefined triggers.

Remap properties from one M-Files vault to the target vault
Send the value of one property to a different property in another M-Files vault


HTTP Integration

Connect M-Files with other systems via API without coding.

Connect M-Files with other systems via API without coding
Make HTTP calls to third party services based on trigger in the M-Files (object created, changed, left state, entered state, deleted, etc.) or based on predefined schedule.


SQL Integration

Power integration of M-Files with MS SQL database.

SQL integration module is used for power integration of M-Files with MS SQL database

Execute/Call stored procedure with parameters based on Event or Schedule

Read data from database based on event or schedule


Extended Reporting

Create reports based on triggers in M-Files or predefined schedule. Make any M-Files Search request and define data you want to have in the report. 

Create any kind of report based on any kind of trigger in the M-Files

Create reports based on triggers in the M-Files (object created, changed, left state, entered state, deleted, etc.) or based on predefined schedule. Supported export formats are Word, Excel, CSV and HTML while supported Export locations are Vault, Disk and email.


Excel Integration

Connect values from Excel with M-Files Object properties based on business rules inside M-Files.

Map values from any row and cell
Values from any row and cell can be mapped to M-Files Object properties based on business rules inside M-Files.

Specify the rules
Connect values with the rules you specify.

Unitfly Integration Products for M-Files

Integrations that connect M-Files with other services

What are Unitfly Integration Products for M-Files?

A rich set of integrations that connect M-Files with other services effortlessly. Connectors enable you to organize, automate your processes and manage your data without writing a single line of code.

M-Files Email Processor

M-Files Email Processor

A stand-alone rule based application designed for most common scenarios when integrating email with M-Files. Allows the configuration of rules and exceptions under which email will be stored. You can create new or update existing M-Files object and map fields from email into object properties. Creating an object can be followed by automated email reply containing information from created or updated M-Files object.


  • Object creation and update
  • Advanced email filtering
  • Advanced object mapping
  • Automatic email replies


BizTalk M-Files Adapter

BizTalk M-Files Adapter

Simple and intuitive to use, it is easily operated by any BizTalk developer or administrator. If you have M-Files installed, you can access the M-Files data using BizTalk and collect any kind of information, object or file and transfer, transform or integrate them with any other system.


  • Organized documents and objects
  • Easy search and visibility
  • Multi-platform document & metadata integration


Data Factory Connector for M-Files

Data Factory Connector for M-Files

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is, by definition, an integration tool in the cloud, data movement and data transformation tool. It can also be used as a hybrid data integration tool – connecting to On-Premise sources and to the sources in a Cloud. Save, classify and archive your files or objects using M-Files. Take your most important business processes to the next level.


  • Synchronize your documents and metadata on multi-platforms
  • Enterprise grade integration in cloud
  • Pay-Per-Use


Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate allows users of Office365 to create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, manipulate data and so.


  • Synchronize your documents and metadata on multi-platforms
  • Automate time consuming tasks
  • Trigger workflow based on external action or manually start it
Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

PowerApps offers users a powerful platform for building line-ofbusiness apps by using intuitive visual tools that do not require code. PowerApps M-Files Connector enables creators of applications through PowerApps service to connect to M-Files and create custom business applications that communicate with M-Files with little or no coding.


  • Gather your data from multiple platforms
  • Easily build different business apps for different scenario
  • You do not have to learn programming languages to build custom mobile applications
Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps provide serverless workflows for customers to easily integrate data with their apps instead of writing complex glue code between disparate systems. With Azure Logic Apps M-Files Connector customers can connect business-critical apps and services with M-Files without writing a single line of code.


  • Synchronize your documents and metadata on multi-platforms
  • Enterprise grade integration in cloud
  • Pay-Per-Use


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