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South Africa, 2092

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Are you looking for a bespoke digital document solution, an information management solution, or smart capture services to assist in your digital transformation?

Bespoke Digital Solutions - a range of solutions designed to help businesses optimise processes and improve efficiency. Our Scalable Capture Solutions include high volume capture projects (physical and digital).

Information Management Solutions - help businesses improve the digital transformation journey, streamline processes, and efficiently manage legacy documents.

Smart Capture Services for Digital Transformation - We provide businesses with the tools they need to optimise processes, increase efficiency, and achieve digital transformation goals.

Solutions include - Information Management and Smart Capture Solutions.

Products include - ABBYY Products (ABBYY Finereader PDF, ABBYY Flexicapture, ABBYY Flexicapture for Invoices, ABBYY Finereader Server and ABBYY Vantage), M-Files (Unitfly Extension Kit for M-Files and Unitfly Integration Products for M-Files) and PSICapture.

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